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Laser Cutting


We started the company in 2007 by supporting manufacturing companies of all sizes.  Whether it be large, multi-national companies with manufacturing operations around the globe, or smaller startups, we provide end to end technical support for manufacturing companies to design their products, manufacture them and make sure quality stays constant for every part or product that leaves the manufacturing floor.  Our ability to come in and understand the client, their product and the technology they use allows us to find the right candidate and save time and money for the organization. 

Military Aircraft


The Pentagon has one of the largest sectors in the United States’ budget and their need for technology and systems development is quite large.  Our team works with DoD contractors to develop weapons platforms, create test and evaluation solutions, and protect critical infrastructure with Cybersecurity initiatives and tools.  We work with some of the largest contractors in the world, down to Veteran-owned small businesses, to deliver solutions for the military. Click here to learn more about TRS Government Services. 



The days of running a business without Information Technology are gone.  Organizations evolve and become more productive, and our clients provide those IT products to organizations all over the world.  Software products, cloud computing and data analytics make other organizations leaner, more efficient and able to grow in the marketplace.  Our team at TRS recruits those specialized IT professionals for our clients to power the world of IT.  Is your company looking for the right IT talent, we can help!

Business Meeting


TRS has grown over the years primarily through organic growth and word of mouth.  As that growth occurs, we have requests from other organizations outside our core competencies that have utilized our services successfully for hiring the talent they need.  From non-profits to human performance organizations, we use our process of listening to the client and creating a recruiting strategy to target the people they need to grow their organizations.  Not sure if your organization falls into our industries, contact us to learn more!

Commercial Customers
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