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5 Fantastic Job-Filling Features

1. Watchdogs

This sounds pretty cool and not necessarily what you would initially think of as a software feature for a recruitment and candidate tracking system, but read on and you’ll see why this name is so fitting.

Think about it. How often do you track your job boards and candidates? Are you on a schedule, or do you find yourself forgetting and not doing it as often as you’d like?

Here’s the thing. Either way you’re doing it now, it’s most likely pretty time-consuming.

Our solution is Watchdogs. This feature is your 24/7 eyes on your job openings, constantly looking for new candidates within the search filters you want, including geography, skills, and more.

But we didn’t stop at just 24/7 surveillance of your job boards. We took it a step further and included auto-parse and auto-engage, allowing you to find and send out a personalized email to candidates automatically without lifting a finger until you call them up!

Source in your sleep with this incredible automation.

2. Website Integration

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to post your jobs, Jobs+ is the feature for you.

How much time do you spend posting jobs across multiple websites and boards, optimizing for search, and then alerting candidates about the new opportunities? If you’re not using Tracker, then you’re probably spending more time than you should.

Our Jobs+ feature simplifies and expands your reach quickly and easily. This supplemental feature allows you to distribute your jobs to your website, leading job boards, and aggregator sites.

In addition to saving time distributing your jobs, Jobs+ will also automatically optimize postings for Google for Jobs and other search engines assuring you higher visibility and top rankings.

Think that’s it? After the postings are optimized and distributed quickly and efficiently, our candidate tracking system will go ahead and notify your candidates automatically via email or through social media of new opportunities.

With all the time your recruiters save automating these manual (but necessary tasks), they will have more time to focus on closing candidates and building relationships that lead to more filled jobs.

3. Marketing Automation

How connected are you with your candidates? Are you spending enough time (or maybe too much time) on business development?

While automation is not a new concept, our Marketing Automation features provides more functionality that is seamlessly integrated with your ATS and CRM through Tracker’s complete recruitment software. That means it’s integrated within our system (not a third party) and pulls in any and all relevant data you want to use for your preferred communications.

Tracker’s sequencing function is based on allowing a sequence of emails, text messages or pure workflow tasks to be authored, and a schedule or sequence created that will automatically send these out based on the timings of the sequence.

Additionally, our built-in Sentiment Engine also assures the context of your message resonates and is on-point with your audience, creating more connection and loyalty.

4. LinkedIn Integration

You’ve probably already experienced the power of LinkedIn. So what if we said you could have unrestricted access to the entire LinkedIn database, no matter your network? Yes, you heard that correctly — access to the ENTIRE database. That’s our X-Ray search feature and only half of our full LinkedIn Integration capability.

What’s the other half? Our Chrome Extension feature. Using Chrome, you can connect LinkedIn directly to our Tracker system for seamless interaction without ever needing to open another browser tab — whether you’re in Tracker or LinkedIn. Import individuals directly from LinkedIn as either contacts or candidates, assign them to jobs, add to shortlists, and find them fast with our sidebar.

“The customization is great, but the services are excellent. Not only is it easy to navigate and use, but there are many features that improve the general quality of life. From the Google Chrome extension that I use every day to the LinkedIn and email integrations that keep up with my tasks.” – Sam J.

5. Job Sourcing

How do automatic leads sound to you? In today’s fast recruitment and labor market, it’s imperative to be on top of the best opportunities to fill jobs and create revenue.

If you’re not using our Job Sourcing feature, you’re probably missing out on opportunities. Similar to our Watchdog feature, this smart feature changes your recruitment game by automatically monitoring key websites or geographies for jobs to fill while also targeting existing and new customers to create relevant opportunities for candidates. We even go as far as to tap into market trends to support the best suited clients and candidates.

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